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The Cause

Young British menswear designer, JACOB ALXNDR, invites you to take part in The Positive Project, by joining his army to march on for positivity and combat the stigma still surrounding the HIV virus and affecting those who are living with it today.

Through the distribution of The Positive Project merchandise, the target is to shine a positive light on the HIV virus and those who have it. As despite the vast general public having a limited knowledge on the virus, treatment and life after diagnosis, the founder of this charity; Jacob Alexander, after his diagnosis felt that there was still a stigma attached to the virus and he saw that those who are HIV positive can and are still treated differently. The Positive Project's ambition is to get at least one plus symbol in every country and major city in the world. With the mission of spreading the right kind of positivity around the globe, seeing this symbol being worn on the streets with pride and no negative connotations attached to the virus or again, those who are living with it.

Proceeds of all donations to The Positive Project will go toward HIV research for treatment and to provide better care for HIV patients. A proportion of the money received will be donated directly to The St Stephen’s Centre in West London.






WATCH JACOB's TEDxual talk here


Here you can take and upload your selfie to The Positive Project’s Selfie Map wearing the merchandise! Come on guys, let’s get a plus in every country and stop the stigma!

After posting your selfie to the map, be sure to share your photo across social media with the hashtag #ALXNDRARMY!

If you click on the other plus’ on the map, you will be able to view other positive selfies from around the globe and see who else has joined this great cause!

Thank you for taking part.