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O+ Collection

Jacob Alxndr O+ Collection
ALXNDR liquid metal fabric top with motif detail. Harness buckle off pants made from pleather, buckle detail made from faux snakeskin.
Air-tech long coat with knit wool detail collar
Heart embroidered on to a darker red sweater material, embroidery done by the royal family's embroidery company: Hand & Lock, The World's Finest Embroiders.
Red Denim top and shorts with MADE YOU LOOK motif detail on the body pane
Red Denim top and shorts with MADE YOU STARE motif detail on back
Red leather harness with red pleather and lace shorts. Zoom for detail on lace.
Pleather vest with buckle down metallic bubbled red leather flap, with mesh panel underneath. Pleather shorts with bubbled red leather and buckle detail.
Neoprene sweatsuit, with cotton ribbing finishings and crystal embellished pectorals.
#ALXNDRARMY ยบ MARCH ON FOR POSITIVITY! Red heavy cotton sweater with fleece inside, worn with maroon elasticated waist sweatpants.
Neoprene vest with motif detail and rope finishing, worn with opaque PVC shorts.
Ostrich Feather and neoprene halter neck, with red textured linen high waisted shorts.
Red cotton drill fabric with a darker red liquid latex accents, dripped from the neckline and waistband.
Luxury neoprene jumpsuit with faux crocodile skin on the front pocket, elbow and knee pads.