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JACOB ALXNDR is an emerging London-based menswear designer who, through his design label, aims to add sexuality and freedom to what he thinks is society's current predetermined socially acceptable styles and trends par to sexual prefernce of a young modern man. In conjunction with the release of his debut collection, JACOB ALXNDR as a brand hopes to promote a positive attitude toward HIV by raising awareness and educating people on the virus through his charitble project, THE POSITIVE PROJECT.

Jacob was dianosed as HIV positive on the morning of his 22nd birthday on September 9 2015. Following his initial diagnosis, he struggled coming to terms with his status and as each day passed he slowly started to realise just how much of a problem some people still had with HIV, or rather those who were HIV Positive. 

He wanted to combat this stigma and try to shed a positive light on the HIV virus and those living with it by raising awareness through inviting the general public (and a few familiar faces too!) to take part in The Positive Project. As mentioned in Jacob's TEDx talk in Marck 2016, he feels as though HIV based charities have been pushed aside in current news by larger run charities such as Cancer Research UK for example. help Jacob get HIV in the headlines again, and together help him make a difference.